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Polar Manufacturing 

Creating carbon finer

Polar manufacturing is a company the produces the highest grade of carbon fibre products.

From luxury cars to military vehicles there expertise provides super light, moulded and perfectly finished yet incredible strong carbon fibre materials.

Mike the MD contacted me to see if I could produce a 360 Matterport tour of his 20,000 Sq. foot factory. After an initial visit, I could see that the layout of the manufacturing facility would be perfect for a virtual tour.

It’s best to scan a location like this with no people in so as it was coming up to Christmas, and the factory was going to be closed for a few days this was the perfect time to film it.

To cover 20,000 sq ft it took over 250 scans to capture all the areas. It was important every area could be viewed from multiple angles so companies such as Aston Martin, Lotus and Bentley could be confident in seeing the workspace and process.

Once the tour was built info tags were added to highlight different areas and processes. Text, photos and video can be added to these to make a Matterport tour more than just a walkthrough but a hub of information the company can use to inform both existing and new clients.

Having a Matterport tour made of your business means clients and customers can get a true feel of your location

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Capturing the personality of your business to show customers how awesome you are.

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