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People Photography

I love meeting new and interesting people every day and thrive on the challenge of capturing their personalities in images. To get great results you need a photographer who will put people at ease and allow them to relax and reveal their true selves to the camera. 

Photographing People

In the blink of an eye, you can capture a moment forever

As a professional photographer, capturing people, either at work or in their leisure time, is second nature to me. With a relaxed and fun approach, using natural light when possible and selective focusing, you will get a set of images you’ll be proud to use. Below, you’ll find some of the many people-based services I can offer:

Business Photography

Businesses need to attract and engage very quickly; according to recent studies, you only have approximately 8 seconds to grab someone’s attention visually. Appealing pictures are, therefore, essential. From event photography, to staff headshots; there are many reasons why a business may use people photography. However, having the skills and experience to capture those moments may require someone with more experience behind a lens. You can find out more about this and the services I offer on my business photography page.

Brand Photography

Capturing a brand through photographs of the people that are involved with it can be a great strategy in building trust and relationships with both potential and existing customers. Couple this with consistent photography styles and editing and you have a successful brand photography strategy! If you manage a brand and would like to know more about brand photography or require someone who can carry it out for you, visit my brand photography page.

Staff at Work Photography

Having photos of your staff while they’re working makes for interesting marketing material and makes businesses more relatable for customers. As a result, this style of photography is becoming increasingly popular in the workplace, however, having high quality, professional images can set you apart from others doing the same. You can find out more about what I do on my staff at work page.

Corporate Photography

Corporate photography incorporates different aspects of both business photography and brand photography. Creativity and innovation with photographs are the keys to differentiating yourself from the competition; which is why corporations often use photographers to add an edge to their marketing. As a professional photographer, that’s where I come in. You can find out more about what services I offer on my corporate photography page.

Event Photography

Having great photographs of your event is essential. They can be a difficult thing to photograph, and capturing the moment is not something that is easily done. Visit my event photography page for more information about the services I can offer as a professional photographer. 

Lifestyle Photography

Capturing a moment lies at the heart of people photography. Lifestyle photography is all about taking that situation and telling a story through the photograph – making it clear to the viewer who the people are and how they interact with one another or the environment around them. Telling that story can be difficult and is one of the reasons why many people opt to use a professional photographer. If you’re looking for one or want to find out more about what I can do check out my lifestyle photography page.

Video for Social Media

Incorporating people into videos for social media can be a powerful way of getting a message across to your audience. There are few better ways to portray emotions or atmosphere than through the medium of a video, however, videos can be difficult to both film and edit. I can help you. Find out more about my videography work on my video for social media page.

Candid Photography

Another side of people photography is the style of doing it in a candid style. Whether it’s just an informal photo or a photo without the client’s knowledge, such images are a great way to capture true emotions and create a genuine image that customers can relate to. For more information on the work I can offer, have a look at my candid photography page.

"Why do we hire you? You are the most personable person I've ever worked with and I have 100% faith that you will deliver every time. We can put you in front of any client and can guarantee they'll be relaxed and laughing in seconds "

Lee Nash  – Creative partner at Ark

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