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The Suffolk Coffee Company

How coffee became an obsession.

In a sleepy village in the heart of Suffolk, I met Christopher Rayner-Green who’s love of coffee lead him to start The Suffolk Coffee Company. My photography assignment was to photograph his wonderful roasting shed where the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans filled the air.

The movement of the coffee roaster, turning the beans was a perfect focal point to capture the work that goes into creating the perfect coffee flavour. Then it was time to take some product shots of his very Suffolk branded coffee bags. The boat on the front of his packaging was taken at Aldeburgh only a few miles away so it seemed the perfect location to have as a backdrop.

I also shot a range of portraits in different locations reflecting the Suffolk feel that his coffee is known for. It’s always good to have more than just one profile shot as these can be used in a variety of ways like advertising, editorial articles, websites or your LinkedIn profile

"To me, the smell of fresh-made coffee is one of the greatest inventions."

Hugh Jackman – Actor


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