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Powder coatings specialists 

Bradleys is a powder coating specialist company that can give a wide and varied range of finishes to metals. The job was to record the different areas of the process.

When photographing manufacturing processes you have to study the whole workflow to see where the photos that illustrate the technique arise.

Noisy and busy factories are not for everyone but that’s part and parcel for a photographer capturing the output from a company. We all see the end products but never appreciate the effort that goes into making everyone that come off the line perfectly.

I’m always amazed at the skill people to have, they make the most complicated job appear easy and manage to replicate it time after time.

When photographing industries the key to getting great images is to understand and appreciate the process. By finding what is unique about their product to technique means you can then focus on that area to show their clients why they are  experts in their field

"The great events of the world take place in the brain"

Oscar Wilde - Poet and playwright

"The best predictor of future events is probably past events."

Andre Agassi - Tennis Player

"Anticipation is sometimes more exciting than the actual event."

Ana Monnar - Autor


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