“Hello America”

Pret is well known in the UK but it’s also becoming a big player across the pond. With its first store in New York opening in 2000 its now spread to 4 major cities. There are a few differences with Pret in the USA but the mission is the same. “To create, handmade, natural food, avoiding the obscure chemicals, additives and preservatives common to so much of the ‘prepared’ and ‘fast’ food on the market today.essentially the philosophy behind Pret is the same”

As I have taken many of the lifestyle images Pret uses in store and on their website they decided it would be best if the style was carried through to the US side of Pret. So I had the very enviable job of flying out to the states for a week to capture the distinctive feel of ‘Pret America’ through the architecture, landmarks, street life and also the wonderful staff they have.



What better memories are there of going away on holiday with your Grandparents as a child.

Well the job was to capture this for The Camping and Caravanning Club  In my day it was Beach Huts but now Motorhomes are the ideal way to take the Grandchildren to exciting places.

Shooting on location is always fun.. Normally its due to the weather. If there are no blue skies then a good way to hide this fact is to use the trees as a backdrop. This shot was all about the people but with a sense of the location. To help this I used a long lens and a short depth of field to nicely put the background out of focus. Also the fact the Motorhome was white and the people were dressed in colourful outfits also helped the shot.


Steak & chips

Steak & Chips

Steak & Chips, what more could you ask for, well a great photo to go with the title would be a start.

This is a shot I did for Jimmys Farm to show how wonderful their steak is. With food as beautifully cooked and presented it was easy to get a great shot. With a view in mind of someone just sitting down to this tasty meal I shot it from above with a side light coming in from the top right, normally I have it coming from the left but as I wanted to pick out the juices of the steak I switched it to the right.

All that was left was to make sure the refections on the knife and fork didn’t pick up and distractions and voilà a meal fit for a king