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Titchwell Manor

a gem on the North Norfolk coastline.

Titchwell Manor has to be one of my most favourite places on the beautiful North Norfolk coast. Just 6 miles from Hunstanton this wonderful hotel has bags of charm, character and an atmosphere that just makes you relax, totally.

Eric the chef and owner asked me if I could capture the hotel as a 360 tour, always one for not standing still he had seen how walkthrough tours had really started to take off for hotels, a way of showing their potential guests. Also, it is a great way to showcase the hotels to couples soon to be married who were looking for a special place for there wedding.

As virtual tours go this was quite an in-depth one because I wanted to capture the whole of the hotel including the rooms not situated in the main hotel. For this, I had to wait till dusk so I could capture the outside space. It was well worth the effort as now you can really get a feel of the whole hotel from this one 3D tour.

" We wanted the Matterport 360 view of our hotel as we believe the there is no better way to show the size, style and feel of our hotel to potential guests. We’ve always struggled to show the feel of the hotel through still images but are delighted with the the results from the Matterport 360 view ”

Eric Snaith - Owner of Titchwell Manor


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