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360 VR

Matterport 360 Degree Virtual Tours

Using specialist equipment I can capture your space in such a detailed way that your potential clients can walk through the building. The interaction experience allows the viewer to explore the venue. The absolute best way to show off your location whether it be a hotel, wedding venue, museum, conference center, holiday home, factory, residential home…

The possibilities are endless.

3D Virtual tours

Mean you can walk through a building without leaving your home.

360 virtual tour photography has many uses. From real estate, hotels, event spaces, museums, restaurants to businesses looking to 3D map their space, and showcase it to their audience. It’s all about creating a visually engaging and interactive user experience.

What are the benefits to a person or business?

With a virtual tour, people get a clear picture of what they’re looking at – leaving them with less unanswered questions compared to images or video. This is one of the reasons why virtual tour photography for real estate, particularly, can be so useful.

Prospective buyers can go through the virtual tour at their own leisure. Through other mediums such as photographs or videos, such potential customers may not necessarily see what THEY need to see. Virtual tours save the time of needing to see a space in-person and allow it to be visually accessed digitally.

Boosted user engagement

Viewers love virtual tours. This increased engagement from audiences is great for both social media and websites alike, helping them to grow. 360 degree virtual tours not only receive their fair share of views, but they’re also often shared a significant amount online. For any person or business considering virtual tours, they can be a great way of spreading the word and growing audiences through audience engagement.

More website traffic

In the real estate industry alone, site listings with virtual tours receive over 40 percent more clicks compared to those using simply just images. More clicks doesn’t necessarily mean more sales, however, increased website traffic does mean that there is an increased chance of a product or service landing in front of the right person. It also means that the website in question will rank higher in search results, as search engines recognise that a website is receiving more traffic and factor that into where the site appears. This alone makes 360 virtual tour photography worth considering.

Increased time spent on websites

In addition to that, It’s proven that websites featuring a virtual tour see people browsing them for up to 10 times longer than those without one. This increase in time spent on a website has many benefits. One of the main benefits is a decreased ‘bounce rate’ – whereby visitors leave the site after only visiting one page. Because viewers of the virtual tour become more invested in the website due to the content, they are more likely to visit other areas. It’s no surprise, then, that many businesses incorporating virtual tours on their sites do see revenue increases upward of 135%. 

It’s competitive

The online world is competitive. Standing out from the crowd is important, and while virtual tours are an increasing trend for many people and businesses, it could just be the USP needed to get that next sale or interaction if others haven’t considered virtual tour photography. Having such an engaging piece on any website or social media page could be the deciding factor for a potential customer visiting. High quality content makes a business or person seem professional and more reputable as a result.

No technical skills needed

There is a multitude of ways to go about creating a virtual tour. While the whole process may seem a bit daunting and alien, it doesn’t have to be. That’s where I come in. As an experienced photographer and videographer, I can help you with all your virtual tour photography needs, utilising the state-of-the-art Matterport system.

Matterport 3D Virtual Tour technology is truly at the cutting edge of today’s 360 degree virtual tour photography. This technology allows a specialist camera to effortlessly capture, create, customise, publish and maintain an incredibly accurate digital, virtual tour of any space imaginable. It seamlessly takes control of the camera and manages the 3D reconstruction process with industry-leading speed and accuracy. Matterport really is at the forefront of 3D virtual tours.

From large commercial properties to small holiday cottages; we offer a 360-degree view of the inside of any property, giving a true 3D experience for the viewer. This makes Matterport an ideal virtual tour camera for real estate businesses looking to provide above and beyond service for potential buyers. Though, our Matterport 3D virtual tours also suit a wide variety of uses and industries. With some suggestions being:


Give potential guests the hotel tour from the comfort of their sofa at home! Virtual tours are ideal for hotels, allowing guests to see their rooms and experience their potential stay before booking.

Holiday Cottages

Virtual tours are very popular in the holiday cottage letting industry. What better way to show off a holiday property than with a virtual experience of the space?


An increasingly popular virtual experience is those of museums – allowing people to view a museum virtually before they get the opportunity to visit in-person.

Homes for Sale

Virtual tour photography for real estate is proving to be hugely popular, as we’ve already discussed. It allows potential buyers to view a property virtually as opposed to in-person and makes the entire house searching experience more interactive than just staring at some potentially misleading photos. This should, therefore, reduce the amount of time-wasters.

Places of Interest

Points of interest vary greatly in what they involve. Generally, anywhere people may visit, such as a landmark for instance, make great places to host a virtual tour.

Company and Business Premises

Perhaps one of the most common uses for a virtual tour are those for company and business premises. Uses include increased brand awareness, use in health and safety, site tours, planning applications/permission, site surveys and much more. The possibilities of a virtual tour are nearly endless – especially with the added features we can offer (see below).


‘Mattertags’ can be added throughout the tour. These act as information points that can be saved anywhere in the tour and can provide information in the form of titles, photos or even videos to enhance the user experience.

Another unique feature we can offer is a rotating ‘Doll’s House’ overview that enables the viewer to choose where they would like to go first on the virtual tour. This is significantly above and beyond what you would see on standard 360 degree walkthroughs and systems, such as the likes of Google Street View.

All of our Matterport 3D virtual tours can be viewed as a ‘Virtual Reality’ (VR) tour, which lets the viewer roam the space via VR goggles.

In addition to this, floor plans can also be supplied as point cloud files for use in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries.

The Process:

The first port of call is through a phone call or email. We will need to discuss what you are looking to achieve, I can then give you some practical advice on how we can go about creating the virtual tour you have in mind.

Unlike others, my diary is always at hand. This way, with just one phone call, you will know the best approach, a timescale and an estimate of the cost; it really couldn’t be any simpler for you and that’s the way I like to keep things. Simple.

On the day, I’ll work with you and your space to achieve the virtual tour we’ve discussed.

Getting in Touch

I aim to create outstanding virtual tours. So why not pick up that phone, get in touch, and find out for yourself just how easy it can be?

" We wanted the Matterport 360 view of our hotel as we believe the there is no better way to show the size, style and feel of our hotel to potential guests. We’ve always struggled to show the feel of the hotel through still images but are delighted with the the results from the Matterport 360 view ”

Eric Snaith - Owner of Titchwell Manor

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