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Veterinary Staff

Capturing all the wonderful work they do.

Vets do an incredible job. Treating pets when they are ill is no easy feat but with the combined skills of the vets and veterinary nurses, many are soon on the road to recovery and back in the arms of their owners, where they belong.

When photographing vets you need to show the relationship between vets and their animal patients and also capturing the roles the nurses play within the practice, fulfilling their many tasks. Equally important are the receptionists and office staff. All these people are needed to run a successful veterinary practice and the aim of Vets Photography is to photograph the team and the work they do in a natural way, showing the daily life of the practice.

With most people having a pet of some description, vets are an essential part of life for many of us. When something goes wrong, we all want our beloved animals to be in safe hands. For most people, the search for a good vet begins with a simple internet search. With so many choices available at the click of a button, first impressions are crucially important – great photography lays at the heart of any website.

Vets photography revolves around showing the relationship between vets and their furry patients, whilst also capturing the role of other staff within the practice as they go about fulfilling their many tasks. There is far more to a veterinary practice than just the vets and the animals – there are a variety of roles that all play a part in the day-to-day running of the business. The aim of vets photography is to take a variety of photos of the environment and the work happening within it in a natural way, showing off the ‘feel’ of the practice. You can find out more about this style of work that I do on my vet’s photography site.

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